THE BIG REVEAL! New booth at National Stationery Show


TA-DA! Here’s the big reveal of Fortis Design’s new trade show booth at the National Stationery Show in New York City this week.

It definitely stood out from the crowd given its circus-esque vibe, use of bold color, bright lights + well-styled displays.

Each detail of this booth was deeply considered. After all, it was our first time exhibiting at NSS…and we were so excited!

What a great experience for the company and its family of brands. We made many contacts and hope so much that we receive editorial coverage as a result of our efforts, soup-to-nuts. The products really are unexpected and diverse. And any awareness would be so fantastic!

Buyers certainly were kind + hopefully follow up sales orders will also help kickstart Platypus Designer Duct Tape and Azuline, a charmingly modern line of paper goods, into the fore.

(Fun fact: Did you know Rob was the originator of patterned duct tapes, by a long shot? The other guys just, well, have deeper pockets. Rob is small but mighty!)

Plus, his other products are super smart and quite manly too! Like Magwear, wallet-sized bottle opener, sleek business card holders, metal golf tees, magnetic dart games + more!

(I personally love the wide colorful assortment of cocktail napkins with catchy sayings...The most clever part: you can set your drink down and still see the fun words! Perfect for all sorts of events and occasions.)

Our booth was full of heart – and, might I add, had very comfortable carpet too.

(Thank you, Louise, for your amazingness!)

Let us know what y’all think. We’d love to know. And next show, stop on by! Up next: Atlanta…. <3

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