Painted Yellow Floral
Designer Duct Tape

Up-level, Up-cycle, Uplift!


We have a talented design team at Platypus and this is our first hand painted pattern. We are excited to be expanding into a more refined fine art style with this tape! It’s exciting to think of all the uses for this. What Ā beautiful clutches, bags, and crafts you could make. Covering boxes, lining drawers, making flowers, trimming baseboards…what can’t you do with this gorgeous tape? Like all of our patterns, this tape is seamless allowing you to do just about anything you can think of without those unsightly misalignments that are so common in tape craft.

Pairs well with our Original Denim, Saddle Leather, Brazilian Rosewood, Everyday Gingham, Blue Paisley, Sour Apple Linen, and more.



30′ x 1.88″


Cloth-backed, weather resistant adhesive tape. Tears by hand. 70 Mesh for greater strength. Smooth, slightly pebbly, matte finish. Wonderful to cut!