Brazilian Rosewood
Designer Duct Tape

Patch It With Tape!


The Brazilian Rosewood Match N Patch Designer Duct Tape is perfect for craft, decor, and wood repair. Works great on floor and furniture laminates which are notoriously difficult to repair since you can’t sand them if you use a putty.

It will hide scratches on damaged speakers, doors, and furniture. It is perfect for hiding cables and wires too.

We started with a gorgeous piece of guitar making wood, hand-finished it, then made a seamless pattern out of it. The matte finish and smoothly pebbled textured of Platypus makes this one of our best-looking tapes. If you’re looking for a dark brown with warm tones for your craft, you’ve found it.




30′ x 1.88″


Cloth-backed, weather resistant adhesive tape. Tears by hand. 70 Mesh for greater strength. Smooth, Matte finish.