PLATYPUS PARTY: Taped up for the 4th of July!

Are you getting ready to throw a 4th of July party?  Here’s how you can liven things up with our Paisley, Denim, White Linen and Picnic Gingham tapes. This is a very inexpensive way to celebrate our independence with style.

Platypus Designer Duct Tape July 4th Party

My family lives in the South where duct tape and culture mix rather easily. Summer evenings, fireworks, flags and duct tape are a recipe for good times wherever you live though. It’s fun to create party decorations and toys with Platypus Designer Duct Tape. You just might be able to get the whole family involved! I know we did. Here we’ve used our Denim, Blue Paisley, and Picnic Gingham designs to uplevel mason jars. We tied baker’s twine around the mouth of each jar to create even more red & white accents.

The place mats are made by covering 14″ cardboard cake circles with our seamless Picnic Gingham tape. The seamless designs leave you with a finished product that looks like a gingham fabric, doesn’t look anything like duct tape at all, and is very easy to clean!

We also cut stars out of the White Linen tape and placed on the flower pots.

No outdoor party for the 4th would be complete without a bit of America’s second favorite past time. That’s right, I’m talking about Frisbee!

Designer Duct Tape circles and stars work perfectly to make these Frisbees even more fun. You can decorate them with any shapes you like of course, but these worked well for our party.



You can put duct tape decorative shapes just about anywhere to make the party more festive. We put these gingham stars on all the bottles of root beer.


Using duct tape to decorate can make even the party planning fun. We hope these easy crafts give you some ideas for family fun for this upcoming holiday week. Have a happy 4th, and send pics of your party crafts!


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2 Comments on "PLATYPUS PARTY: Taped up for the 4th of July!"

  1. Diana Cudecki says:

    I am planning to cover a notebook in tape and use fabric ribbon to decorate it. What type of adhesive would be best to use.

    Love you designs and tape.

    Thank You

    • Rob says:

      Hi Diana,
      I know that a lot of our customers use a hot glue gun when attaching things to tape. You may want to try glueing a sample piece first though. If that doesn’t work, you can’t go wrong with two-part epoxies. It’s a bit more trouble. but the bond is incredibly strong, the glue isn’t ‘runny’ and it bonds most materials to each other.
      Hope this helps!

      PS…We’re glad you love the tapes! :)

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