MUSIC MONDAYS: My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket is what’s playing in the North Carolina warehouse this morning.

Of course, I’m in California so for me that means listening from my kitchen table, the space in this place that gives me a larger view to the outside world. Literally. Figuratively.

Kind of like this music today. It was Rob’s choice. So I embraced it. The whole point of Music Mondays is artistic discovery.

I must say that I’m really enjoying some of the crazy experimental stuff that the band attempts. And I don’t mind if the tunes I favor are “critically acclaimed” or not. In fact, I bet some people might think my choices are odd or even off.

But you know what… (and now Rob is going to get a big ‘ole Cheshire Cat grin on his face because I am certain he knew that I would say this…), I don’t care. People really need to have a point of view – and kindly, even provocatively, but always poignantly express it. Stand for something. Anything.

Just like the band. No status quo. Good for them!

The combination of lyrics, instrumentation and sound seem quite exploratory, often uplifting, sometimes vague, sometimes direct and every now and again awkward. Seems like there’s just a whole lotta stuff going on and the music is ever evolving…Feels like some sort of “sonic seduction.”

(Okay, I read that somewhere but I think the sentiment fits and word nerd me likes the sound of it. Ha!)

So here’s a huge range of tunes from Rob and me. Fire up Pandora and listen:

~ Off the Record

It Still Moves
~ One Big Holiday
~ Movin’ Away
~ Golden

Evil Urges
~ I’m Amazed
~ Evil Urges
~ Sec Walkin
~ Highly Suspicious (truth be told, my six year old really digs this song..must be the militant psychedelic Prince influence, ha!)
~ Librarian

At Dawn
~ The Way That He Sings

~ Holdin’ on to Black Metal
~ Slow Slow Tune
~ Wonderful (The Way I Feel)

Live at Bonnaroo 2008
~ Oh Sweet Nuthin (Velvet Underground cover)

Acoustic Citsuoca (Live) – EP
~ Golden Live (amazing version here + contrast to It Still Moves)
~ Sooner Live

Final inspired words of wisdom: Follow your own inner moral compass. Seek out beauty. Speak your truth. Dream big. Love big. Go out and find it. And don’t stop until you do.

Just like the band.

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