MUSIC MONDAYS: Mahalo Jack Johnson

I am sitting here wishing for some sun! It is rainy here in San Francisco.

Chilled, I decided to dial up some Jack Johnson tunes to warm my heart and tap my toes and imagine myself soaking up some rays.

Folk Rock Singer-Songwriter. Musician. Environmentalist. Dad. Surfer Dude. What doesn’t Jack Johnson do? You can’t help but like this guy.

(And, then Rob had to go and mention that it’s 75 degrees in Raleigh!)

So…in no particular order, our playlist off of various JJ albums:

From G Love’s 1999 Philadelphonic

  • Rodeo Clowns

 Brushfire Fairytales

  • Sexy Plexi

 On & On

  • Wasting Time

 Sleep Through the Static

  •  Hope

Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for The Film Curious George

  • We’re Going To Be Friends

To the Sea

  • Red Wine, Mistakes, Mythology
  • When I Look Up

 In Between Dreams

  • Banana Pancakes
  • Good People
  • Constellations
  • Better Together

Maholo, Jack Johnson, for bringing some sunshine into my world today….and now am thinkin’ I need a pink polka dotted bikini. Made out of Platypus Designer Duct Tape, of course.
















(album cover from treehugger + photo by lissa lowe)

Platypus Designer Duct Tape

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