MUSIC MONDAYS: it’s Galactic.

Here I am…Outside. Beachside. In the dark.

Quite befitting. The band for today’s Music Mondays is Galactic.

The cool thing is that the Milky Way can be seen from anywhere. It doesn’t really matter where you are in this world. We all see the same night sky.

(And right now, I’m digging some super cool illegal fireworks. Feels kind of cosmic as I’m writing this p.m. post….)

Galactic is jazz / funk band hailing from New Orleans. In and of itself, that’s cool. But what’s even more cool is their musical style infuses some super fun hip hop, electronica, world music + rock influences. And that just feels very Louisiana melting pot to me. Crawfish boil, what have you. It’s a mixture that works.

As John, one of our Platypus People, insightfully says “‘unscripted’ grooves act as a soundtrack to the stories WE create for ourselves! The more barren canvas, if you will, the more tremendously exciting.” And he is right.

While I am a self-professed “Word Girl,” I think that the band’s instrumentals are pretty great and totally up for interpretation in this big ‘ol universe of ours. And we can create our own realities. No matter what they might be.

They also take on some covers of the talented likes of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones + more. Ballsy. (Rob especially liked those.)
No matter what, take a late night listen. Like  I am. Under the stars tonight.
What a sparkly ride.
platypus designer duct tape.
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