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Today the weather here in North Carolina is changing from a gorgeous unseasonably warm weekend into a gray, chilly, damp week. It’s not motivational Monday weather. I walked into my office this morning (which is in the middle of a renovation) and stuff was piled and discarded everywhere. No flat service was visible. My coffee alone wasn’t going to do it, so I cranked up Grouplove on my computer and immediately my whole mood changed–I was knocking stuff out on the left and kicking it on the right. So in the spirit of what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, I decided to take a break and share one of my new favorite bands with you.

Grouplove formed in 2009, and released their debut album, Never Trust A Happy Song, in September 2011. They’re a relatively new band that has already had a number one song on the indy charts. They’ve had fantastic support from their label (Atlantic/Canvasback) and also have been featured in an iPod commercial which I’m sure didn’t suck for publicity. The drummer’s dad was a guitarist for Yes (another awesome band from the 70′s).

Inhabiting a happy place between the Pixies and Arcade Fire they are a hook-heavy, high-talent band that really sounds like they’re playing for the sheer joy of it. In fact, it’s that overwhelming sense of elation I get listening to them that keeps me coming back for more of the same thing over and over again. I can’t wait for their follow up album.

If you listen on Spotify, they also recorded a few of their songs for a live Spotify Session that’s here.

Never Trust A Happy Song is a great album to exercise/run too also which I’ve done a few times (with the exception of Slow, which is a bit slow for me. Ha.)

Go get your happy on!

Rob J.




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