Making Some Tarp Art

Blame blog silence on New York City! I’ve been traveling…but good thing so. Because I stumbled on this awesome street art in the East Village + had to take a snap of it.

Inspired me…Reason: I keep bugging Rob about making Tarp Art to hang in the warehouse (lord knows, it needs some sprucing!). And it would make a really rad “cityscape” backdrop to the skateboarding half pipe.

Anyway, we will soon be rolling out some SOLID tapes for Spring! And I think Rob’s warming up to my graphically cool idea….So hopefully we’ll have that Tarp Art created soon.

P.S. If any of y’all want to create an art installation out of our tape, send us a photo of your “canvas.” We plan to rotate projects from “Community Crafters.” Give it a try! Inspiration can be found anywhere…..and we’ll give you an exclusive sneak peek of some of the new Platypus Designer Duct Tape designs on Facebook soon!


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