HOW TO: personalize a party, down to the tiniest Designer Duct Tape detail

As mentioned in a previous post, the Platypus People have been super busy planning a wedding….

Well, okay, it was a bridal luncheon and it wasn’t real but it should have been! (Louise even made organic buttercream frosting for the cupcakes with the adorable, handcrafted heart-shaped treat topper. Talk about the devil being in the details! She, though, is an angel.)

And I was about ready to crack open some Dom. Because the set design was worthy of some serious bubbly….!

The inspiration for our narrative was this beautiful – and quite unexpected – bridal bouquet made out of Blue Paisley + Argyle, sent to us by one of our Community Crafters, Tamara. We were giddy at her ingenuity.

So we decided to make “marry.”

Here’s what we did:

To  highlight seamlessness, color harmonies and integration across crafting application, we created this tablescape out of Platypus Designer Duct Tape in Blue Paisley + Denim.

Felt so “now,” especially with so much maritime blue + paisley on the the fashion runways for Spring 2012. Was a fresh + modern twist on the traditional. And we like it that way.

For this photo shoot, we stuck to two designs. But now that our new White Linen is available, we would have included it too.

We like to mix it up!

(By design, our tapes look amazing when combined. No matter what the theme: preppy, chic, western, pirate, picnic, tonal. It’s just a matter of using your imagination, thoughtful planning and roll-your-sleeves-up crafting. Party planning possibilities are endless.)

Getting back to the bridal business….

Doesn’t this DIY scene looks like a million bucks with its crystal goblets, ceramics, bamboo flatware, and array of textiles? Yet the whole scene was incredibly affordable thanks to Designer Duct Tape being the star!

~ Multi-size vases look smashing – and they are made out of PVC pipe and simple plastic cap. Each cost less than $3.

~ Budget-friendly Martha Stewart Crafts from Michaels were weaved into our festive design: daisies, doily lace, heart punch, edgers and various gift tags.

~ Cupcake wrappers, heart-shaped treat toppers, napkin rings, gift tags were also handmade – very pretty + very easy to make!

~ Chandelier covers were adorned with Paisley. Simple to do + an elegant touch.

~ Plain boxes were covered and transformed into an instant hostess and/or bridal party gift. (Designer Duct Tape can also be used as “ribbon,” fantastic bows as well as gift wrap.)

After seeing this lovely scene spring to life, don’t you want to get hitched?

I do.


P.S. A special thanks to our friend, Sherry Coyle, for generously providing us with beautiful calligraphy. Based in Raleigh, see more of her work here.




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