HOW TO: gussy up a notebook

Following up to my recent Back To School Furniture Revamp post (cutest cubby shelf outfitted with “Picnic Gingham”!), here’s how to gussy up a simple notebook with Rob’s tape in five simple steps.

This project is a nod to Levi Strauss & Co., still love this brand. I even worked at corporate for a stint. I heart the tried + true blue.

You can add a pocket to pretty much anything. It’s super cute, easy to do + functional too.

Step 1 – Cover the front side of your book of choice with tape of choice. . I, of course, chose  “Denim” here.

(By the way, Rob’s denim came out AGES before that other brand did…I just feel like I need to say that outloud…Also, his matte finish looks like a real pair of jeans. Very cool + entrepreneurial.)

Step 2 – Draw + cut out a pocket pattern out of cardboard.

Step 3 – Cover both sides with tape to create sturdiness. Again, I used “Denim” to be thematic but a contrasting tape(s) would be fun too.

Step 4 – Adhere it to the frontside with a tape “border.” For a graphic touch, I opted for “Modern Houndstooth + used it on the spine too.

Step 5 – Embellish the pocket if you wish. I am a big heart fan…so “I Heart Tape” here. You could also glue sequins, ribbons or use sticky gems or foamies. Whatever strikes your fancy.

Have fun with crafting stuff like this. It only takes a few minutes to personalize the plain.

Happy Saturday – get busy!





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