HOLIDAY HAPPINESS: Gingertape Houses



I’ve been looking forward to sharing this project as it is another brainchild of Platypus Person Louise Jordan, aka my mom. As I’ve mentioned before, she’s an amazing crafter and a very good designer in her own right. As the holidays approached we discussed what we could do with tape that would be both fun, not too difficult, and cute. We’d both been to Michael’s recently and seen a variety of papier-mâché boxes and a little house that were all begging for a Designer Duct Tape upfit. Louise/mom had the idea of using the houses as gingerbread houses. She also noted that the roofs came off which made them contenders for teacher’s gifts. Sounded like a perfect plan!

The houses were fairly easy to do, but the dormers required a bit of finagling to get right. These gingertape houses are yet another example of a project where our stylish, seamless designs look tasteful and appropriate.

To make it even easier for you (if you decide to accept this mission), we’ve included the exact dimensions for those pieces here as a Platypus Gingertape House Template.

How stinking cute are they?! Nice work (again) mom! These are the same houses that were featured on yesterday. For the next few days, you can still enter a contest there to win 8 free rolls of Platypus! Thanks to Courtney + Pizzazzerie! It’s a wonderful site and you should check it out if you’re not familiar with it.

Happy holidays to you all!


PS…Mad props to my mom for thinking of using a mirror as a frozen lake! Now all we need is a little ice skater. Anyone?










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