FAMILY FUN: Designer Duct Tape Garland


Super easy garland from Platypus tape!

Super easy garland from Platypus tape!

This is a super easy project that everyone can participate in. Platypus is the perfect tape for making garland. It has just enough structure that you can make perfect little circles out of it without resorting to complicated layering like you’d have to do with other tapes.   It can be used in any room for decoration, to spruce up a party, or for Christmas tree garland.

To make the strips simply cut out two 8.5″ strips then stick them together leaving about a half inch of sticky-side exposed on each end. If you’re not going to make the garland immediately, you can put parchment paper strips over the adhesive to save them for later (see our video on using parchment paper here). This allows you to create all the strips beforehand and have a garland party later!

To make the circles, just attach the two sticky ends together and voila–you’re done. Thread the next strip through the middle of the previous circle.

We cut our strips down to 1.5″ wide because we liked the way it looked and it allowed us to clean up the edges when we didn’t stick the two sides together perfectly. This allows for a little slop which is always good. This is a great project to do with kids too. You can make the strips ahead of time and let them choose the patterns and stick them together. If you’re doing it for Christmas decoration you can pack it away and use it again next year!


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