DUCT TAPE MODEL MAKING: How to Make a Platypus Pyramid

Introduction to Making 3D Shapes


Platypus Designer Duct Tape is very different from most duct tapes. Our tape has a beautiful matte finish, uses more fabric backing, and has a different kind of polymer substrate than other duct tapes. This makes it more structural which is a quality that opens the door to some amazing possibilities. Having structure frees you to design duct tape sculptures, and to create duct tape models such as this pyramid. The duct tape pyramid that you’re about to make is 100% duct tape.

In order to make this pyramid you’ll cut out an unfolded pyramid shape and fold it up, using duct tape tabs to secure the shape closed. In order to cut out the right shape, you’ll need a good template and some easy to follow instructions.

Click on the underlined link below to download a step-by-step instruction guide and templates for making a pyramid.

We hope you enjoy this introduction to 3D taping!

Platypus Pyramid

3 pyramids web

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  1. Cath T says:

    Cool. Look like painter’s points. Could be very useful as such.

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