Clutch this: “Modern Houndstooth” bag craft

Isn’t this fancy fashionista houndstooth clutch super cool?

(Not to mention that amazing stack of bracelets….crave those! Because I have been wearing a wrist full of bracelets myself for many, many years…Ever since I bit the Madonna bug as a kid in the ’80s. Ha!).

Well, you ladies can craft one for yourself – AFFORDABLY – just like our “Community Crafter,” Tammie, did using our tape.

Check hers out: it’s super chic and constructed primarily out of “Modern Houndstooth” Platypus Designer Duct Tape. The diamond clasp really adds a glam touch. Perfect for going out on the town or for weddings too.

So, ladies, make it with tape!

Show us your stylish purses, bags, totes, and wallets made out of our tape. We can’t wait to get our clutches on those photos – and you too might be featured on our website! Send images to:

Happy weekend everyone!


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