HOW TO: Budget-friendly “Skateboarding” Birthday Party Ideas

My son Charlie recently turned six.

As an uber busy working mama, it was a mad scramble for me to throw together Skateboard-themed party decor. My party planning mission: craft elements by hand in a flash with flair AND on a budget.

(The “Martha” in me insisted on some specials handmade touches…).

So…with a little ingenuity, Platypus Designer Duct Tape’s Jolly Roger pattern and pre-bought supplies, I rolled up my sleeves + got busy crafting the night before the birthday party.

Here’s how I did it:

~ Design inspiration: the Skateboarder party invite that I designed + printed at home on Paper Bag A6 note cards from Paper Source. Also purchased black envelopes + various printable stickers from the store. Sealed each party invite with a strip of Jolly Roger, for “awesome”ness.

~ Used “Grid” twin sheet from the Shaun White Bedding Collection from Target  as a tablecloth (double bang for the buck because I can now use the sheet set on my son’s bed!)

~ Covered an oversized handmade cake serving platter from a pre-cut piece of grade A plywood with in Jolly Roger  (Home Depot or Lowe’s will also cut it smaller for you, for free. Board + tape was about $12 – both affordable + reusable!)

~ Bought Trader Joe’s cake and frosting mixes and then shaped skateboard out of  (2) 9×13″ sheet cakes. Piped the Spitfire skate logo (the Spitfire guys are based out of San Francisco). I used Pepperidge Farms “Pirouette” cookies for the “trucks,” M&MS + chocolate mini donuts for the wheels.

~ Handcrafted a number “6″ out of Jolly Roger then taped onto a skewer to turn it into a cake topper. Was Rob’s idea to print the 6 backwards and forwards. Cover the cardstock with tape on the backside of each print out. Then cut out the 6 shapes + glue them together. So smart!

~ Handmade Jolly Roger tags saying “Eat Up” for the small silverware bucket + “Drink Up” tag for the drink bucket that I then filled with color-coordinated mini Cokes for a special birthday treat!

~ To coincide with the Paper Bag card stock, I used simple twine to tie the tags onto the buckets. Sources: galvanized white metal bucket is from Target for $2.50! Galvanized mini blue metal bucket is from Pottery Barn Kids (they just sell big ones now). And you can get twine at True Value or any local hardware store.

~ Handmade Jolly Roger birthday boy drink flag. You could also make them for all cups, if time allows. (Target sells these cute little Solo on-the-go kid packs with cups, lids and straws so I just embellished).

~ Printed Skateboarder sticker to decorate the top of the colorful napkin stack. You could also use rubber stamps on these stickers.

~ Kept the food simple by serving pizza and bowls of grab-n-go red apples since the kids were taking a skateboarding lesson.

I learned with a little bit of pre-planning, a boost of creativity and some determination, there are all sorts of unexpected ways to decorate and craft with our Designer Duct Tape – FAST and affordably.

Overall cost: $100!!!

  • Paper Source note cards, envelopes, stickers = $15
  • Plywood + tape = $12
  • Target sheet set, white buckets, cup pack = $33
  • Colorful napkins = $10
  • Twine = $5
  • 2 cake mixes, 2 frosting mixes, box mini donuts, 1 can pirouettes, small bag M&Ms = $25 (other food/drinks included pizza, apples, mini Cokes, bag of ice)

My son thought this personalized birthday party was “Rad!”

P.S. We’d love to see your party planning ideas too!  Send images to:


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4 Comments on "HOW TO: Budget-friendly “Skateboarding” Birthday Party Ideas"

  1. Melanie says:

    That skateboard cake is suh-WEET. I’ll bet my (SoCal, did you guess?) boys would love a party like this. :) We even have a bunch of local skate parks.

  2. Jude says:


    You have out-Martha-ed Martha!

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