BRIGHTEN UP: Spring is here! Let’s make some vases.


Spring Vases on Grass ShelfSpring is in the air here in North Carolina! The flowers are starting to bloom and people are shedding their jackets, donning yard clothes, beautifying their lawns and homes. It feels electric! Or maybe that’s just the bees buzzing.

You may have noticed the Designer Duct Tape® covered vases on our home page scrolling by from time to time.

We made those vases for our trade show booth, and we get so many compliments about them that we decided to do a post about it. It’s a fun and simple project.

For this project we wanted to do something fun and happy that felt bright and fresh for Spring. It could be used as a shelf (of course) or even a centerpiece. The vases are great outdoors too and could be used for picnics or parties.

For this project we covered a 24″ hidden bracket shelf from Lowe’s with our Summer Grass Designer Duct Tape. IKEA shelving is also great for this. Try to choose shelving with squared or simply angled edges so the tape is easy to put down.

Next we purchased 2″ plumbing pipe at Lowes (about $3 gets you a two foot length that we cut into these three sections) and 3 pipe caps.

Charlotte Pipe

In this photo you can see the full length 2′ pipe and one of the 3 pipes we cut down to size with a saw.






Next, we used a cap that can be found on the same aisle in plumbing supplies. If you glue this cap on with pipe glue, the vase will be waterproof!

Pipe and cap


















Then you simply cover the top and sides with duct tape and trim. We used our Purple Polka and Pink Polka, but you can use any of them. Voila! Inexpensive durable vase!

vase and pipe



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