ARTIST SERIES: Talking with Jesse, age 4


This post is the first in our ARTIST SERIES where we will focus on artists and/or artwork that simply strikes our fancy. Anytime. Anywhere.


Jesse, age 4, takes time out of her busy preschool schedule to talk with Rob, creator of Platypus Designer Duct Tape, to answer four important questions about the genesis of  ”The Birth of Snowmans.”

(Interestingly, Jesse herself has a head of spiral curls just like Botticelli’s angel in the “Birth of Venus.” Hmmmm….)

ROB:  Say….Jesse, I like your snowman art soooooo much! Can you tell me more about it? Where did you paint this art?

JESSE: I painted it at the art building. It was with a class.

ROB: Why did you decide to paint these snowmen?

JESSE: The teacher asked us to do it. It was a picture she wanted us to do. She said she liked mine.

ROB: What is your favorite thing about these snowmen?

JESSE: My favorite part is the noses. Them was super easy to make. I like the white part too.

ROB: Do you like snow?

JESSE: Yes. Because I like sledding, and I like sledding with Daddy. I want to practice ice skating, building snow castles, and make Snowmans!


Jesse’s use of color is really great especially the gradient midnight sky. And the pop of the orange she chose especially warms our hearts. We think would look great in an old frame revamped with Modern Houndstooth.

Yep, Jesse’s Snowmans are pretty awesome.

And we thank her for sharing with us today!


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Unexpected + Amazing News: The New York Times!!!

Today was unexpected and amazing news for us: Platypus Designer Duct Tape was featured in The New York Times!  Our tape was the ONLY product shown within Fashion & Style in an article about duct tape fashions.

Now that’s EXTRA, EXTRA sweet!

Read the full story here: “Duct Tape Goes From Fix-It to Dress-Up.”

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We’re “Rolling Right Along!”

Hey y’all,

It’s Lissa, Rob’s Marketing Muse and one of the Platypus People here at Platypus Designer Duct Tape.

Today, we’re getting our blog on with our first “Rolling Right Along” post…and the start of many more posts to come. We’re really excited about it!

The packages you see here were super fun to craft and part of the set design for our first short film called “Remake Christmas: Make it with Tape,” shot by the talented team over at Taproot Films in Durham, NC.

Click here to watch the spot on our Designer Duct Tape YouTube Channel. It’s TOTALLY unexpected!

(Talk about festive – we were celebrating the holidays in the warehouse way back in October. It was quite a sight! And I’ll post some behind the scenes pics soon….)

The bows you see were handmade by one of our “Community Crafters,” Tamara who collaborated with me on the designs. She’s pretty awesome.

Here’s how you can do it too:

  • Find modern + colorful gift wrap. These are from Paper Source.
  • Select a fun gift topper. I found these gorgeous handmade lollipops at The Candy Store in San Francisco, but candy canes or old-fashioned candy sticks would work too.
  • Coordinate your bows with your Designer Duct Tape gift “ribbon.” Any combo you fancy!
Our choices included:
I even gussied up the packages with some pretty French ribbon generously donated by Rob’s mom, Louise Jordan. She was the “Production Assistant” on our holiday film shoot – and pretty much the best PA ever! You can read more about her here.

Happy wrapping!

P.S. Speaking of “wrap,” you should download “Christmas in Hollis” by Run-DMC. It’s one of my fave holiday tunes!

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