Spruce up the holidays!


Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!

For our final post before Christmas we thought we’d share a few of the ways we’re using Designer Duct Tape to liven up our homes this year. We used our Picnic Gingham duct tape to cover this box, creating a gift box that can be used again year after year by each recipient. It fits well with our ideology of upcycling and upleveling. The box itself becomes a gift! The seamless nature of Platypus Designer Duct Tape really makes this project work.

Gingham Gift


Another way to uplevel a gift is to use standard paper tags (such as these from Paper Source) covered in our tape. Here we used a paper tag with our Candy Cane Designer Duct Tape then used pinking shears to create a zig-zag edge which made it more lively and fun.

Candy Cane tag


We also used the Candy Cane tape to cover our chandelier posts. These are removable sleeves and can be taken off easily.

Candy Cane Chandelier Posts

Lastly, we used our Picnic Gingham to create these very cute flags on our Gingerbread Castle.

Gingerbread Castle Flags


We hope these simple crafts help you to find uses for Designer Duct Tape in your own home. Merry Christmas to you all! Ho Ho Ho!

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QUICKFIX: Upcycled Holiday Waste Basket


Today we have a quick and easy project that saved us from throwing away a scraped up ugly old waste basket. We covered it in our Picnic Gingham and for the sake of the season, added a little Christmas tree flare using our Summer Grass and Leather Designer Duct Tapes. The tree can be easily removed after the holidays. In fact, this could be a very cute basket for holding kindling or logs near the fireplace on Christmas!

Christmas Tree waste basket

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HOLY BAT-O-RANG: Meet Charlie, Super-crafter.
















It is my pleasure to introduce you to Charlie, one of our biggest fans. He is an incredibly creative boy, with a penchant for designing super-duper stuff.

We encourage each of you to submit your own projects showcasing Designer Duct Tape. Who knows, you just might attain super-hero status yourself. Send us your ideas to funstuff@designerducttape.com.

Hold on a second, I’m sitting on my cape and it’s making it tough to type….

How To Make a Bat-O-Rang out of Designe Duct Tape

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HOLIDAY HAPPINESS: Gingertape Houses



I’ve been looking forward to sharing this project as it is another brainchild of Platypus Person Louise Jordan, aka my mom. As I’ve mentioned before, she’s an amazing crafter and a very good designer in her own right. As the holidays approached we discussed what we could do with tape that would be both fun, not too difficult, and cute. We’d both been to Michael’s recently and seen a variety of papier-mâché boxes and a little house that were all begging for a Designer Duct Tape upfit. Louise/mom had the idea of using the houses as gingerbread houses. She also noted that the roofs came off which made them contenders for teacher’s gifts. Sounded like a perfect plan!

The houses were fairly easy to do, but the dormers required a bit of finagling to get right. These gingertape houses are yet another example of a project where our stylish, seamless designs look tasteful and appropriate.

To make it even easier for you (if you decide to accept this mission), we’ve included the exact dimensions for those pieces here as a Platypus Gingertape House Template.

How stinking cute are they?! Nice work (again) mom! These are the same houses that were featured on Pizzazzerie.com yesterday. For the next few days, you can still enter a contest there to win 8 free rolls of Platypus! Thanks to Courtney + Pizzazzerie! It’s a wonderful site and you should check it out if you’re not familiar with it.

Happy holidays to you all!


PS…Mad props to my mom for thinking of using a mirror as a frozen lake! Now all we need is a little ice skater. Anyone?










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UPCYCLED! Old Shoe Box to New Card Box


At our house, we often store our cards in a ratty old shoe box. It’s been that way for years. This is a very satisfying and simple way to uplevel your old shoe boxes. We use this box for cards, but it could be storage for any items of course!

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Who made the first wallet from our World’s Best Wallet Kit?
Meet Ben.

Hey everyone,

Today we want to introduce you to Ben. He is the first person to make a wallet from our new World’s Best Wallet Kit.

He even used some of the metal craft corners on this wallet. It does look like a great one. The wood grain makes for a very chic unexpected wallet. His mom told us that they were going to begin making some for Christmas presents next! There are going to be some lucky gift recipients this year.

Great work Ben!


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Make it (Beautiful) With Tape: Fall Table Arrangement


With the addition of the Platypus Orange linen and Saddle Leather duct tapes earlier this year, we were inspired to create a beautiful and easy Fall table. Platypus Person Louise Jordan (aka “Mom” to me), conceived of the elements. She’s a wonderful crafter, and has been a seriously capable designer (and hostess) since we first met. :-)

Our home has always been a warm,  stylish, and eclectic sanctuary for my family and our friends. She has great taste, and would never attempt actual décor with rubbery, visibly gridded duct tape whatever the color or pattern. To quote another Platypus Person, John Hughes, “You don’t want it to look broken do you?”

Another quote springs to mind as well, “You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.”

For this setting, she used the Saddle Leather tape on cardboard rectangles to make perfect placemats that are easy to clean and can be reused. She used our Wood grain (teak) tape on a can and a bit of jute twine made for an easy vase for our fall berries and flower arrangement.

We placed strips of our White Linen, Saddle Leather, Platypus Orange, and Wood grain tapes on parchment paper (it works like release paper) and cut out leaf and acorn shapes to apply to the napkin rings and candle sticks and centerpiece. The candlesticks were crafted from lengths of pvc pipe.

As a table decoration we also used a Thanksgiving card from Azuline Design. This card matched our palette perfectly, and is really cute with it’s silhouette of a fat squirrel eating acorns.

There are so many things you can do with Platypus Designer Duct Tape. Having a tape that doesn’t look like regular duct tape, with a matte finish and seamless designs opens the doors for duct tape as a legitimate creative medium for décor. We have been told many times by our customers that they can’t believe how great our tape looks in their homes. Please send us some of your own pics.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Rob J.









































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Fabulous Fridays: The Lumineers

Today is the first day back in the office for me in over a week. John Hughes (Platypus Person) and I have been doing a lot of driving back and forth to the Southern Christmas Show where we’ve been doing a good business and getting to hang out with hundreds of our customers which is always fun. We’re really energized about Platypus after getting so much great feedback!  Anyway, I’ve spent a good 15 hours on the road recently. Anyone that knows me knows that I love to listen to loud music while driving. Even my two year old boy, Rob, asks for loud music when we go anywhere. He’s a little me.

I’ve been relentlessly listening to The Lumineers  across hundreds of miles of interstate. I wish I could get into a huge playlist here but I can’t. They only have one album, but it’s really doing it for me right now. It’s perfect autumn music. I’ve been blasting their rustic, heart-0n-a-sleeve album while threading down the still red, orange, and yellow tree-lined North Carolina highways. That’s me with a fast grin. In fact, I got a speeding ticket yesterday. Disclaimer: the officer wasn’t as impressed with the Lumineers as I was.

Give this self-titled album a listen on Spotify. I was excited about the first Counting Crows album (August and Everything After) and also the first Mumford & Sons (Sigh No More) in a similar way as this. Hopefully, they’ll keep producing great music for years to come.

Ho Hey!





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Hooray Rachael Ray! And Platypus Designer Duct Tape

Hot off the press!  Platypus Designer Duct Tape is included in the “Just Spotted” edit in the October issue.

Fun fact: Rob Jordan, head honcho over here at Platypus, is the originator of patterned duct tape designs (that “other” company continues to mimic him down to the detail…). His Pink Polka Dot - with its unique seamless matte finish – is totally chic + can be styled in so many ways. And very on trend this fall’s fashion season.

Big thank you, Rachael Ray, for making our day dotty!

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The “Butterfly Effect”

[ TIP: for the full "Butterfly Effect" of this card, click on the photo....]

Isn’t this card A-M-A-Z-I-N-G?

On Monday, Rob made it for his sister Anne’s birthday. He covered card stock with “Pink Polka Dot” and then used a vinyl cutting machine to create this gorgeous winged creature out of “Sour Apple Linen.” He even called himself a “Butterfly Surgeon” since he had to carefully carve out the details wielding an X-acto knife!

It’s a perfect birthday card since butterflies stand for transformation and growth. Freedom and creativity. What a great way for Anne to kick off a new year!

[ Fun fact: butterflies are the only living being that can completely change their genetic structure! From egg to larva (caterpillar) to pupa (cocoon) to adult (fantastic four-winged insects). ]

The “Butterfly Effect” is relevant here too…Loosely, it’s the idea used in the chaos theory of physics that one very small difference that is made in this world can then effect change elsewhere. Like butterfly wings flapping in Brazil could alter the weather in Chicago. That all things – even the tiniest occurrences – are interrelated in our world and affect our lives + our fragile eco-system. Mind boggling, isn’t it?

Also, Anne is the artist behind Azuline paper goods. Her hand painted butterflies are shown at the top this post. She actually has four of them as wall art and others as cards. The foursome would look fantastic if framed as a grouping and hung uniformly on a wall. The colors are really saturated and “pop.” Someday I hope to have them adorning my own home. They are lovely just like Anne.

In so many ways, butterflies are beautiful + symbolically relevant…Some cultures even think they represent souls. And since they are only here on earth for a blink of an eye  (most only live a few days), they make me appreciate all the beauty + fragility found in life. That we should seek beauty, truth and love because we only live once….or at least as we know it today.

Happy birthday, Anne! I think we all need a little bit of her “Butterfly Effect” in our lives, don’t you?


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