National Stationery Show Announcement

Please come visit us in booth 2831 at the National Stationery Show in NYC! We’ll be there from May 17-21 and hope to see you. We’ll be announcing new products and have some fun giveaways (hint, hint).


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FAMILY FUN: Designer Duct Tape Garland


Super easy garland from Platypus tape!

Super easy garland from Platypus tape!

This is a super easy project that everyone can participate in. Platypus is the perfect tape for making garland. It has just enough structure that you can make perfect little circles out of it without resorting to complicated layering like you’d have to do with other tapes.   It can be used in any room for decoration, to spruce up a party, or for Christmas tree garland.

To make the strips simply cut out two 8.5″ strips then stick them together leaving about a half inch of sticky-side exposed on each end. If you’re not going to make the garland immediately, you can put parchment paper strips over the adhesive to save them for later (see our video on using parchment paper here). This allows you to create all the strips beforehand and have a garland party later!

To make the circles, just attach the two sticky ends together and voila–you’re done. Thread the next strip through the middle of the previous circle.

We cut our strips down to 1.5″ wide because we liked the way it looked and it allowed us to clean up the edges when we didn’t stick the two sides together perfectly. This allows for a little slop which is always good. This is a great project to do with kids too. You can make the strips ahead of time and let them choose the patterns and stick them together. If you’re doing it for Christmas decoration you can pack it away and use it again next year!


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DUCT TAPE MODEL MAKING: How to Make a Platypus Pyramid

Introduction to Making 3D Shapes


Platypus Designer Duct Tape is very different from most duct tapes. Our tape has a beautiful matte finish, uses more fabric backing, and has a different kind of polymer substrate than other duct tapes. This makes it more structural which is a quality that opens the door to some amazing possibilities. Having structure frees you to design duct tape sculptures, and to create duct tape models such as this pyramid. The duct tape pyramid that you’re about to make is 100% duct tape.

In order to make this pyramid you’ll cut out an unfolded pyramid shape and fold it up, using duct tape tabs to secure the shape closed. In order to cut out the right shape, you’ll need a good template and some easy to follow instructions.

Click on the underlined link below to download a step-by-step instruction guide and templates for making a pyramid.

We hope you enjoy this introduction to 3D taping!

Platypus Pyramid

3 pyramids web

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COME SEE US! Americasmart July 2013 | Booth 5-1110, building 3




Hi everyone! Please mark your calendars for July 12-16, 2013 and come visit us in Atlanta! We’ll be in Building 3, booth 5-1110. We’ve got tons of new stuff to show you! Send us an email to if you’d like to schedule an appointment.


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DE-CLUTTER: Mine’s the adorable one.

Designer Duct Tape Phone Cord

Today we have a quick and easy way to personalize your phone chargers. At my house, we literally have 8-10 of them floating around in various states of disrepair. One nice thing about Apple phone chargers are the simple basic shape of the plug. All you need to do is cut out a rectangle 3 3/4″ x 1 1/8″ of Designer Duct Tape and wrap it around the plug. Voila! Super easy, and satisfying. What else is easy to personalize with Designer Duct Tape? Send us pics of your ideas to!


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BACK ON THE BOARD: Sidelined with Maggie

We want to send our best vibes and well-wishes to Maggie who is undergoing surgery today. She’s an avid snowboarder who injured her hip several times while ripping it up and now has to have surgery to repair it. She hated the idea of limping around on boring old unfashionable crutches and decided to uplevel hers with some Purple Polka Dot Designer Duct Tape. She’ll certainly be ‘hip’ with these!

Check out her awesome crutches. We think she did a stellar job!

Hopefully she’ll send some pics of herself shredding next season and we’ll update this post. :)

Get well soon Maggie!

Maggies Purple Crutches

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HOW TO: Throw a Circus Party fit for a clown

0-clowning aroundIt’s birthday time again!

Last year’s theme:  skateboarding. This year: the Big Top. And big it was….Charlie recently turned Lucky 7!

After attending circus school and hurling himself off of a trapeze platform, this little clown and his friends ventured back home, greeted with Platypus Designer Duct Tape crafts + lots of other treats.

Inspired by an image in the book “Every Day Counts” from Ikea, I pre-planned various tablescapes using goodies from lots of fabulous online sites and retailers.

Oriental Trading Company was my first stop for affordable circus-themed merchandise such as top hats, clown noses, DIY name tags, treat bag supplies, character bottle labels, striped cupcake collars + more.

And then the juggling balls started rolling….

Given Charlie’s fascination with Platypus, it was only befitting to include it in this party decor. (Some would say he is actually a Master Crafter…). So, my friend Kristin and I crafted like crazy both the night before and morning of the party….Nothing like Platypus People waiting until the last minute to decorate….And while no small undertaking, the DIY was easy to do. That’s the beauty of making stuff with Platypus tape – it’s quick party chic! And integrates with all sorts of entertaining + decorating motifs. High and low.

Without futher adieu, here are a few pics from Trapeze Arts in Oakland of Charlie climbing gigantic heights in order to fly….

Now let’s get this party started, shall we?

03-trapeze steps  04-trapezeplatform



Totally sets the mood! And the kids loved having individual snacks

patio tablescape with Platypus

birthday party with sour apple linen platypus designer duct tape

How To:

  • Hand painted herb pot by Charlie made when he was 4. Sniff-sniff. Our babies grow up so quickly….


  • Easily make popcorn cones by cutting approx. 6.5 inch square template out of parchment paper; repeat “x” times depending on the number of cones you need; cover one side of each square with tape pattern of choice; fold into triangle to create the cone shape; seal edge with narrow strip of tape.
  • Buy bulk bags of popcorn + peanuts in shell at Costco. We bought enough to feed a whole family of elephants!
  • If you make cones to hold ice cream, scoop scoops onto a cookie sheet + freeze them. They won’t melt as quickly during serving. How super is it that so many of Rob’s patterns mix + match for these cool treats: Picnic Gingham, Platy Orange Linen, Pool Chevron, Pink Polka Dot, Purple Polka Dot, Summer Grass. The matte finish on his designs looks so much more sophisticated as compared to the other shiny tapes on the market. They suit parties of all kinds, for “kids” of all ages.

retro peanut bagsHandmade Popcorn Cones with Sour Apple Platypus Designer Duct Tape + parchment paperSour Apple popcorn cones - Platypus Designer Duct Tape


This scene is just awesome, I think. Some fun Platypus ideas here.


handmade tablecloth

tabletop with Platypus Designer Duct Tape

How To:

  • Red dotted fabric from JoAnn turns into festive tablecloth hacked using a mere pair of scissors.


  • For the placemats, use posterboard and cover with tape of choice to make a piece “fabric.” Then, add a contrasting border in your desired width + fold for clean edge. Our placemats were on the petite side to fit a smaller table. Buy plates first.
  • For the napkin ring, you just need to fold a small piece of duct tape in half. Then seal with a tiny piece of tape. Slip around the pre-folded accordion pleated paper napkin. Easy peasy!

animals marching by Platypus Designer Duct Tape

wine ballon ties idea from Brit Morin at


Serving drinks was never more fun!

How To:

  • Assorted long balloons from Diddams are tied into bundles + added to plexi wine glasses from Pottery Barn. (Similar ones here.) So easy! Thanks to Brit Morin over at for this stylish touch to stemware. Tutorial here. Total cleverness. I could see decking out in college colors (like Carolina Blue + white) for sports-minded parties/tailgates as well as all holiday themes.

stemware balloon ties idea by brit morin at

The dessert tablescape was filled with all sorts of treats including the icing on the cupcake: the Real Leopard #7. (By the way, Charlie loved this moment. He saved his #6 from last year. It was fashioned out of Jolly Roger. Luckily, Rob has 21 patterns + counting. One for every year. Ha!)
lucky number 7 in real leopard Platypus Designer Duct Tape
How To:
  • Another hacked tablecloth. This one was made out of bicycle + unicycle screen printed jute from JoAnn, cut into 3 sections + layered on top of each other. I was so excited to stumble upon this fabric. One of my favorite ideas + I plan to throw lots of dinner parties with it!
  • 7 colorful Birthday balloons from Diddams party store, a regional chain here in the Bay Area.

circus party dessert tablescarp














And finally, the treat bags. The real reason that every kid wants to attend a birthday party….

gift bags with Platypus Designer Duct Tape

gift tag handmade from Platypus Designer Duct Tape

How To:


Well, that’s it folks. Hope you enjoyed the show. See you next year!

Because we’ll be here.

Laughing, crafting + celebrating.


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BRIGHTEN UP: Spring is here! Let’s make some vases.


Spring Vases on Grass ShelfSpring is in the air here in North Carolina! The flowers are starting to bloom and people are shedding their jackets, donning yard clothes, beautifying their lawns and homes. It feels electric! Or maybe that’s just the bees buzzing.

You may have noticed the Designer Duct Tape® covered vases on our home page scrolling by from time to time.

We made those vases for our trade show booth, and we get so many compliments about them that we decided to do a post about it. It’s a fun and simple project.

For this project we wanted to do something fun and happy that felt bright and fresh for Spring. It could be used as a shelf (of course) or even a centerpiece. The vases are great outdoors too and could be used for picnics or parties.

For this project we covered a 24″ hidden bracket shelf from Lowe’s with our Summer Grass Designer Duct Tape. IKEA shelving is also great for this. Try to choose shelving with squared or simply angled edges so the tape is easy to put down.

Next we purchased 2″ plumbing pipe at Lowes (about $3 gets you a two foot length that we cut into these three sections) and 3 pipe caps.

Charlotte Pipe

In this photo you can see the full length 2′ pipe and one of the 3 pipes we cut down to size with a saw.






Next, we used a cap that can be found on the same aisle in plumbing supplies. If you glue this cap on with pipe glue, the vase will be waterproof!

Pipe and cap


















Then you simply cover the top and sides with duct tape and trim. We used our Purple Polka and Pink Polka, but you can use any of them. Voila! Inexpensive durable vase!

vase and pipe



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BUZZ: HGTV Magazine + NBC Today Show

We’re thrilled to have been featured in the January/February 2013 HGTV Magazine! Please go pick one up and see some great home decor ideas and uplifts using Platypus Designer Duct Tape.

Also, you can see a segment that we were prominently featured in on NBC’s The Today Show! We couldn’t be happier to start the new year off like this. Natalie Morales certainly has good taste and looks very stylish sporting a Blue Paisley Designer Duct Tape cast!


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Music Mondays: Getting Happy with GROUPLOVE

Grouplove Sunshine



Today the weather here in North Carolina is changing from a gorgeous unseasonably warm weekend into a gray, chilly, damp week. It’s not motivational Monday weather. I walked into my office this morning (which is in the middle of a renovation) and stuff was piled and discarded everywhere. No flat service was visible. My coffee alone wasn’t going to do it, so I cranked up Grouplove on my computer and immediately my whole mood changed–I was knocking stuff out on the left and kicking it on the right. So in the spirit of what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, I decided to take a break and share one of my new favorite bands with you.

Grouplove formed in 2009, and released their debut album, Never Trust A Happy Song, in September 2011. They’re a relatively new band that has already had a number one song on the indy charts. They’ve had fantastic support from their label (Atlantic/Canvasback) and also have been featured in an iPod commercial which I’m sure didn’t suck for publicity. The drummer’s dad was a guitarist for Yes (another awesome band from the 70′s).

Inhabiting a happy place between the Pixies and Arcade Fire they are a hook-heavy, high-talent band that really sounds like they’re playing for the sheer joy of it. In fact, it’s that overwhelming sense of elation I get listening to them that keeps me coming back for more of the same thing over and over again. I can’t wait for their follow up album.

If you listen on Spotify, they also recorded a few of their songs for a live Spotify Session that’s here.

Never Trust A Happy Song is a great album to exercise/run too also which I’ve done a few times (with the exception of Slow, which is a bit slow for me. Ha.)

Go get your happy on!

Rob J.




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