BEHIND THE SCENES: building the new trade show booth for Fortis Design

A bit of behind the scenes today: snaps of the “under construction” trade show booth for Fortis Design, parent of Platypus.

A big thank goodness for this redo.

And an even bigger WHOO HOO!

What a total labor of love by all.

(Quick backstory: after chatting with Rob back in September about his hopes, dreams and intentions for growing his existing business, it was clear he was ready to re-architect. Putting it mildly, I sort of have this penchant for all things creative and dig innovative thinking as does Rob, obviously. These similarities of ours boded well for the winds of change that were soon afloat in the warehouse. It has been whirlwind in Fortis’ world shifting from more of a traditional manufacturing approach to one that emphasizes marketing and branding to support Rob’s product excellence. There’s no time like the present….)

The team rallied behind this new notion. And even greater things ensued.

Wildly inspired, motivated and dedicated (along with some serious elbow grease), the Platypus people and Anne of Azuline got down to some serious business and magical thinking.

Not only did the Platypus Designer Duct Tape brand get revamped and the Azuline brand newly created, but also we devised a brand new booth aesthetic for this brand new era to showcase Fortis brand goodness.

Yep, it was high time for Rob to get rid of those (um, ugly) card tables and burlap tablecloths and strut his stuff properly! After much discussion, it was clear we needed to blend the brands. Step things up a notch. Move towards the next level. And that we did!

Excitingly, the new booth will be unveiled this weekend at the National Stationery Show in New York City.


E-v-e-r-y square inch of this 10×10 foot space has been maximized….E-v-e-r-y single element + consumer touchpoint has been well thought out. No stone was left unturned…Down to the very magnets that actually hold the booth frame together….

It is chock full of heart and soul. A family affair.

(We now fondly refer to Louise as “Game Changer” Jordan. A big shout out to Anne, John, Bobby and Thomas too!)

Now all Fortis products will just jump off of the tradeshow shelves…and – as a result – look amazing at point of sale to sell through at retail.
Locking it up, we will “reveal” the booth next week!
So stop on by Booth #1326 and say hello. We can’t wait to meet you!
It is clear this team sticks together.




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