BACK TO SCHOOL: Furniture Revamp with Platypus Designer Duct Tape + more!

This Labor Day weekend, I labored. Charlie did too. But, these DIY projects were well worth it. I never felt like I was working at all!

I even took a ton of photos on my iPhone…Pretty much anything can be spruced up with Platypus. It just takes colorful creativity + a bit of  roll-up-your-sleeves elbow grease. The fun part is in the discovery of all the stuff that can be crafted or revamped with it.

(Wait until you see Charlie’s magnets + door knob hangers! At six, he’s obsessed with tape. Will post his imaginative creations soon.)

Anyhoo, here’s what we made this weekend – and it all stylishly coordinates too:

  • cubby shelf
  • pencil cup + pencils + binder clip
  • magazine holder
  • notebook
  • iPhone case
[ QUICK TIP: click on each of the photos to see the full image. ]

First, I overhauled a cubby shelf with “Picnic Gingham.”

The backstory is that one of the legs had broken off and I was about to donate it. But the donation people wouldn’t take it because of its missing leg. Deflated, I took my sad shelf home….I was bummed out that no one would want a decent piece of furniture that only needed slight repair, easy to do with the right tools.

Not sure of how to dispose of it, I realized that if I just removed the remaining legs + artfully covered it with strips of tape, I could give this furniture a new lease on life. It was all a matter of perspective. And….I only needed a screwdriver!

Even better, I recovered this cubby shelf without using a ruler. Can you imagine? I couldn’t find mine. It’s still packed in a box somewhere as a result of my recent move.

Purposefully, Rob’s tape is a cinch to line up. His designs are horizontally + vertically seamless – meaning you can line align the tape in either direction and it matches up. The seams aren’t noticeable + the pattern repeats.

And it only took one roll of tape for $5.95 to complete this project!

And no mess (like painting it would have been), I have a super cute Pottery Barn Teen-esque shelf.

The  matte finish on the tape really sophisticates. (Um, I’m not a fan of shiny…). I think this shelf looks AMAZING!

Plus, it’s a total conversation piece. My neighbors are in disbelief. And now they want to update cast off furniture with Rob’s tape.

Just think of how many flea market finds – or dumpster dives – can be revived with all sorts of flair.

The next thing we crafted was a pencil cup out of an empty peaches can using “Modern Houndstooth” + “Denim.” (Charlie got a big kick out of eating the peaches and then upcycling the can into an art form, an important educational lesson.)

He even wrapped a bunch of pencils in various designs to complete the look while I covered a binder clip in “Picnic Gingham” to match the motif.

We used “I Heart Tape” to cover a cardboard magazine holder from Target’s dolllar bin.


(And much more sturdy now, an added bonus!)

I then decided to cover a simple notebook with “Denim,” “Modern Houndstooth” and “I Heart Tape.”

I even added a pocket!

Super cute + one-of-a-kind. Gotta love that!

(I will post “how to” instructions tomorrow.)

Finally, Charlie had this fantastic idea to make an iPhone holder. So we made this pouch out of “Pink Polka Dot,” “Blue Paisley,” “White Linen” and “Summer Grass.” It just felt like a perfect summer-to-early fall transitional combo (polka dotss, inky blues, creamy whites + emerald greens are hot right now in fashion).

And Adam suggested I draw an iPhone on the cover, which I did. Really cute.

The neat-o thing to me is that Rob’s tape designs are meant to mix + match, to your heart’s content. And I think it’s great to be able to personalize decor in a world full of cookie cutter style.

Some things just naturally pair.

(Even my pen has a sweet little strip of “Argyle.”)

Phew – that’s it for this post!

Sort of….my mind never stops. It dawned on me that the vases from Vietnam made out of repurposed magazine pages could be translated into tape (see top shelf + righthand side cubby). I wonder if I could cover some sort of bottle similarly….? Layers of tape on top of each other? Would that work?

Hmmmm….looks like I’m going to be busy again this weekend!

But I don’t mind.

Crafting on a dime is a fun way to unwind + decorating with Platypus Designer Duct Tape makes my home totally “mine.”

To me, that’s what DIY style is all about. And you?



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5 Comments on "BACK TO SCHOOL: Furniture Revamp with Platypus Designer Duct Tape + more!"

  1. Susan says:

    LOVE! Such easy, creative DIY projects. I am definitely thinking about the vase idea – and considering how it could be transformed each season. An especially great idea for those living in small spaces with limited storage.

  2. salute for your creativity. Do not mind am going to copying your stuff :)

  3. Julie says:

    that’s so cool! although i don’t have a shelf available to use, i will do some of those crafts ASAP!!

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