BACK TO SCHOOL: a motherlode of crafts (pun intended)

It was a busy weekend for Charlie and me.

Elementary school recently started so we decided to quickly create some kid-friendly desk decor. Everything you see here was super duper easy to do – and on the cheap! We used what we had on hand + spent around $8 on other materials, not including the Platypus Designer Duct Tape stash (rolls are $5.95 for 30 feet of tape!).

Our inspiration:

  • The Jolly Roger covered shirt box that Rob sent us back in July. It is the perfect size for Charlie’s construction paper. He’s big on art – and paper planes.

In combination with other favorite patterns of Charlie’s:

Our revamp:

  • Oversized Bulletin Board – $0 – rescued from the trash dump
  • Upcycled TOMS shoe box  to hold supplies – $0 – from clothes closet (shhh…i have a big crush on Blake Mycoskie, founder + chief shoe giver….)
  • Pencils (Charlie wrapped these all on his own) – $0 – random birthday party favors
  • Medium binder clips in its own box – $2.99 from Ace
  • Workbook bin – $2.50 at Target
  • Simple frame – $1.99 from Ikea

Just shape + tape this sticky stuff.

Your wallet will thank you. And you’ll have a fun bonding with your kids too.





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