ARTIST SERIES: Mary Carter Taub

While on vacation back in June, I made a pit stop in Raleigh, headquarters of Fortis Design, to see my fellow Platypus People.

While there, my family and I found ourselves in downtown Raleigh looking for a last minute place to eat. We decided to head over to famed chef Ashley  Christensen’s “Chucks,”

En route, we stumbled upon this triptych by Chapel Hill based installation artist Mary Carter Taub. Giddy to see such coolness on a random Raleigh street,I took a couple snaps of it. It struck me how much this window scene looked like duct tape….

Curious about what I saw, I googled the artist. SURE ENOUGH, the installation was printed wall vinyl digitally translated from her duct tape collage….And I loved learning that Mary Carter Taub  lives so close to Rob!

I think she definitely needs some Platypus Designer Duct Tape. Wouldn’t it be so fabulous to see Rob’s chic, seamless, matte finish tape underpinning giant wall art….?

(For fun, check out a few more images from Mary Carter Taub’s website here.)

Let this art motivate your own expression of duct tape. On a wall. On a canvas. On a tote bag. Personal possibilities are endless.

Rip strips + let your imagination soar!


P.S. Send photos of your creations to us: . We’d love to share Community Crafter inspirations on our blog.



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