ARTIST SERIES: Charles Chace, by chance

Last week, I spent one quick night out in Chapel Hill while visiting from San Francisco (UNC happens to be old stomping grounds for many of us Platypus People,  including Rob and me).

While on Franklin Street with Kristin (also one of the Platypus People + former UNC grad), I randomly stumbled across this colorful, graphic mixed media window installation made of recycled cardboard boxes called “Razor, Paint, Tape” by Charles Chace.

As per the artist, “This paired window installation is constructed of recycled cardboard boxes. The boxes all went through the same simple process of being razored into over a thousand book like shapes. The shapes were then painted various colors. The colored pieces were installed into concentric lines inside the windows using tape. A shingling type of pattern was used to build. In this process the corrugated edge is revealed. This unmasked use of material helps relate that the parts used in creating the sculpture are only props in the overall presentation of “work”. This display of “work” is an integral theme to the piece. The result of this effort is a pair of mixed media concentric rectangle window sculptures.”

Spying Charles Chace’s tape-inspired art felt very serendipitous and even auspicious to me. Especially since it just randomly popped up.

Yep, today’s “pop art.”


More about the work here:

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