With National Stationery Show taking up our time last week followed by the holiday weekend, Rob and I totally forgot about Music Mondays yesterday!

So let’s call today’s post “Tunes for Tuesday.” That works.

Today’s pick: Amos Lee.

Typing this, I actually think Rob should be writing this post…After all, I was already a big fan of Amos Lee. And now, Rob is digging him. So I probably should have put him on the spot to talk about why he liked this new music. But I’ll let him off the hook. Because Rob’s song choices were really good ones – so I know he paid attention. (I made sure that he listened to over 50 songs….Ha.)

So I’ll speak about Amos today.

Simply put, I love his music.

I think his lyrics touch upon emotional every life stuff – love, loss, work, freedom – and so a ton of his songs make a lot of sense to me. And he just delivers these songs with intimacy and reflection. Up tempo or not.

I find his folksy, bluesy, soulful, retro 70s sound (ironic since he was born in 1978) – with a hint of country twang and touch of gospel too - varied + interesting. And as a person, he seems varied + interesting too. I read that he used to be an elementary school teacher in Philadelphia, before following his musical calling. He hangs out with Norah Jones (one of his earliest supporters). Has toured with Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Paul Simon, Adele, Norah too.

I really like his porch-like, nostalgic-y, acoustic-y vibe.

I also really like his personal vibe. He’s a cutie who passionately works hard.

His amazingly resonant songs aside, one of my fave quotes from him comes from an article  in The New York Times back in 2006: “I love what I do, so I don’t mind working,” he said. “I’ll work as much as I have to, ’cause it’s a labor of love for me.”

Pretty much sums up the work ethic over at Platypus Designer Duct Tape where we all love to “Make it with Tape” (the brand’s tagline) on a daily basis. And Rob works harder than anybody could imagine….and always has. For 10+ years, he’s been soloprenuer, until very recently. And I just think all that hard work has got to pay off soon….

Because it did for Amos Lee.

Here’s our varied + interesting condensed playlist:

Amos Lee 
Seen It All Before
Soul Suckers
Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight
Give It Up
Bottom of the Barrel
iTunes Live (Soho)
Are You Ready For The Country?
Windows are Rolled Down
Arms of a Woman
Supply and Demand
Southern Girl
Supply and Demand
Last Days at the Lodge
As the Crow Flies
Simple Things
May I Remind You
Mission Bell
Enjoy these “Tunes for Tuesdays.” Maybe you’ll discover you like Amos Lee too, just like Rob did.
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