A Quick Fix: Binder Clips

A quick fix: binder clips!

When we saw a blog post written yesterday by Ashbee Design that suggested beautifying the humble binder clip with some Platypus Designer Duct Tape, we got inspired.

(Thank you, Ashbee!)

These little babies were dolled up this morning.

A few minutes later, Rob’s desk was MUCH tidier and more cheerful too!






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One Comment on "A Quick Fix: Binder Clips"

  1. Marji Roy says:

    Thanks for implementing my binder clip idea with the duct tape. It looks great. I have fallen in love with duct tape as a crafting material.

    Very appropriate for this time of year is the Easter Eggs I created before I knew about designer duct tape. Check out my post on Harlequin Easter Egg decorated with duct tape here. The pink polka dot has to have an Easter Egg application!
    A little late for the season but save for next year is the door decor I did for Valentine’s Day using duct tape posted here. And it doesn’t only apply to holiday crafts. I recently did an organizing project for a kitchen drawer that includes your denim duct tape posted here. I love the denim duct tape. I just purchased a couple of rolls of the wicker basket design. We’ll see where that ends up! Thanks for the post and the credit! Marji @AshbeeDesign.com

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